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  • IFA Astronomy Outreach in Antofagasta
    November 25, 2015 IFA News Dr. Sebastian Ramirez Dr. Sebastian Ramirez, IFA postdoc, enchanted the public present at his talk in the Public Library of Antofagasta, II Region of Chile, yesterday November 24,  titled  "A Superstar for Superman?". In his talk he gathered the clues that appear in the many stories about this super heroe, who presumably arrived on Earth escaping from a planet destroy...
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  • IFA is awarded a "Concurso Insercion en la Academia, Conicyt 2015"
    November 23, 2015.  IFA News. Dr. Graeme CandlishThe Proyecto Fondecyt 79150053, of three years duration, titled, "FORTALECIMIENTO DE LA FÍSICA Y LA COMPUTACIÓN CIENTÍFICA EN EL INSTITUTO DE FÍSICA Y ASTRONOMÍA" winner in the Concurso Inserción en la Academia de CONICYT 2015, was awarded to Professor and investigator at IFA, Dr. Jose Villanueva (PI) together with Dr. Vi...
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  • Academia Chilena de Ciencias awards Prize to Dr. Amelia Bayo from IFA
    November 19, 2015 IFA News. Entrega DiplomaIn Santiago, November 19, wednesday last, our investigator and member of the Instituto de Fisica y Astronomia, Dr. Amelia Bayo, received the "Premio Excelencia Científica Adelina Gutiérrez, 2015" prize, awarded to outstanding young investigators under 40 years of age. Dr. Maria Teresa Ruiz, Vicepresident of the Academia Chilen...
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  • The Glowing Halo of a Zombie Star
    Noviembre 11, 2015. Noticias IFA ESO imageWith that title, ESO publishes Science Release eso1544 explaning how VLT maps out the remains of a white dwarf’s meal. The remains of a fatal interaction between a dead star and its asteroid supper have been studied in detail for the first time by an international team of astronomers using the Very Large Telescope at ESO’s Paranal Observatory in Chile....
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  • Prize for Academic excellence awarded to IFA investigator
    November 4, 2015  IFA News. Amelia BayoWith the aim to contributing to the furthering of science in the country and incentivating investigators in science, the  Academia Chilena de Ciencias created the Prize for Academic Excellency "ACADEMIA CHILENA DE CIENCIAS" for young investigators under 40 years of age. The investigator, Dra. Amelia Bayo, Licenciada en Matemáticas, Doctor en...
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  • IFA celebrates 100 Astronomy Outreach Talks
    Noviembre 3, 2015. Noticias IFA. Dr. Michel CuréOn November 2, the Sala Ruben Dario del Centro de Extensión de la U. de Valparaíso, a place that has welcomed a public passionate about astronomy on every first Monday of the month between April and December for almost ten years, celebrated 100 Talks on this lovely science among the interested community. Among those present were the Rector...
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The Physics and Astronomy Institute (IFA) of the University of Valparaiso offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Physics and Astronomy. Its vibrant community of faculty, research staff and students works on a wide range of topics in physics and astronomy while carrying out an ambitious Outreach Program for the astronomical sciences. We are permanently stimulated by the close and collaborative relationship of the Institute with the Center for Astrophysics of Valparaíso, CAV, who permanently dictate Seminars  for the benefit of our Undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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