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  • Eduardo Ibar from IFA- Hidden Universe Catalogue
    HerschelJuly 21, 2016  IFA News Dr. Eduardo Ibar, professor and investigator of the Instituto de Física y Astronomía of the Universidad de Valparaíso (UV), worked together with two other international consortiums in elaborating the most complete astronomical catalogue of the hidden Universe, with detailed information about nearby and far away galaxies, some so old...
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  • Inauguración Exposición "El Universo como Máquina del Tiempo" en Escuela Naval
    Julio 13, 2016. Noticia IFA Dr. VillanuevaEn una hermosa ceremonia se inauguró la Exposición "El Universo como Máquina del Tiempo" en la Escuela Naval de Valparaíso, ubicada en Playa Ancha, con la presencia del Capitán de Navío y Director de la Escuela Naval, Sr. Claudio Yáñez, el Rector de la U. de Valparaíso, Sr. Aldo Valle, el Director del Instituto de Física y Astronom...
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  • IFA in NATURE publication
    Revista NatureJuly 14, 2016. IFA News. Prestigious NATURE  published yesterday (July 14, 2016) an important discovery for  the development of proto plnanetary discs and planet formation. The results belong to a study in which Claudio Cáceres, Héctor Cánovas y Matthías Schreiber, members of the Instituto de Física y Astronomía, IFA, participated.  A snow-line is the region of a p...
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  • IFA in ESO Press Release: Deepest Ever Look into Orion
    July 13, 2016.  IFA News eso1625a An international work group, amongst which are three IFA collaborators, published a few hours ago an article which is an ESO Press Release:  ESO’s HAWK-I infrared instrument on the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile has been used to peer deeper into the heart of Orion Nebula than ever before. The spectacular picture reveals about ten times as many...
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  • Simposio - grupo tandem U.Valparaíso-Max Planck
    Tandem GroupJulio 11, 2016.  Noticia IFA El Instituto de Física  y Astronomía, IFA, realizará un Simposio titulado "A Common Journey to the Origins of Stars and Planetary Systems", el dia lunes 18 de Julio próximo en la Sala Juan Mouat de la Facultad de Ciencias entre las 8.30 y 15.40 hrs, con la finalidad de seleccionar a la persona que liderará el "Grupo Max Planck tandem para...
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  • First PhD Graduate from IFA
    Adam Hardy RorisangJune 15, 2016.  IFA News On tuesday June 14, 2016, at 1 PM, our PhD student Adam Hardy Linsill Rorisang defended his thesis for opting to a PhG degree in Astrophysics in Sala Juan Mouat of the Facultad de Ciencias. Adam  becomes, in this way, our first graduate from the Astrophysics PhD Program of the Instituto de Fisica y Astronomía, opened in year 2013. The ...
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  • Dr. Nikolaus Vogt from IFA forms part of research team that discovered exotic planet system
    June 15, 2016. IFA News Picture of †he Week ESOAstronomers search for planets around other stars using a variety of methods. One of them, very succesfull, is specially effective for detecting planets in wide orbits around young stars, because the light reflected off the planet is not overwhelmed by the light of its host star, and so its easier to detect. Dr. Nikolaus Vogt, from IFA, ...
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The Physics and Astronomy Institute (IFA) of the University of Valparaiso offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Physics and Astronomy. Its vibrant community of faculty and research staff works on a wide range of topics in physics and astronomy while carrying out an ambitious Outreach Program for the astronomical sciences. We are permanently stimulated by the close and collaborative relationship of the Institute with the Center for Astrophysics of Valparaíso, CAV, who permanently dictate astrophysics seminars  for the benefit of our Undergraduate and postgraduate students. Postdoctor investigators collaborate in the different  research areas of the Institute.

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