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November 14, 2016. IFA NEWS.

Last 28th of October, very close to the Barón metro station (temporary baptized as “Estación Túnel de la Ciencia”) the “Túnel de la Ciencia 3.0” had its big opening. This activity consists of an exhibition, free access to the public, covering different aspects of science, showing state-of-the-art technology, and making science more approachable to the community.

This exhibition was created by the prestigious Max Planck Society from Germany, a worldwide reference institution in state-of-the-art research, with 19 Novel prize awardees. Since 2009, the Max Planck Society holds a tight relationship with the Universidad de Valparaiso, especially in the areas of Neuroscience and Astornomy. In particular, very recently, three Max Plank Tadem Groups have been created in those areas. These groups will be based in Valparaiso and lead by young exceptional researchers.

The exhibition consists of eight modules distributed over a 1200 squared meter space covering the following topics:

• The Universe – From quarks to cosmos

• The matter – Design of the nano-world

• The life – From the basic components to systems

• Complexity – From data to knowledge

• The brain – The wonder in our head

• Health – Research in the future medicine

• Energy – Living in Anthropocene

• Society – A world in transition


Through its history, the "Túnel de la Ciencia", has been visited by more than ten million people. The last stop of this 3.0 edition was Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires, and prior to that it was hosted by Ciudad de México, Barranquilla (C Colombia), Krakow (Poland), Hannover & Paderborn (Germany), Konya & Istambul (Turkey), Peking (China), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Saint Peters-burg & Moscow (Russia).

 The exhibition is open to the public until 22nd of January 2017. Admission is free of charge and in a continuous schedule from 9 to 17 hours Tuesday through Friday and from 10 to 19 on weekends and holidays.

 Go and visit the Tunnel, you will not regret it!


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