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"Atmospheric fitting & formation of directly imaged exoplanet candidates"

Martes, 25. Septiembre 2018, 15:00
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Charlista: Dr. Tobias Schmidt 

Institución: Hamburg University Observatory

Ciudad /País: Hamburgo, Alemania

Abstrac: The SHINE survey conducted on the SPHERE high-contrast imager at VLT aims to characterize the giant planet population beyond 5 AU around 400-500 nearby stars. Now, that a bit more than half of the observations of SHINE are performed, more and more spectrophotometric information for known and new companion candidates is collected, that can be subsequently used to extract information on planetary and sub-stellar atmospheres and how they might have formed. I will give an introduction to direct imaging of extrasolar planets, followed by an overview of recent SPHERE imaging results, combined with preliminary hints and implications for planet formation.



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