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MaxPlanckInstitutOctober 6, 2015  IFA News

On friday October 2, IFA celebrated a collaborative agreement with the Max Planck Institut for Astronomie (MPIA),  constituting, in words of Dr. Matthias Schreiber, Director of the PhD Program in Astrophysics, a "quantum leap" in the history of the Instituto de Física y Astronomia of the Facultad de Ciencias of the U. de Valparaíso.  By this act a  collaboration was initiated between the Max Planck Institut for Astronomie (MPIA) with base in Heidelberg, Germany, and the Universidad de Valparaíso, creating the first Tandem Group in Astronomy and thereby becoming a pole for world astronomy, to be installed in IFA at the beginning of 2016.  The collaborative agreement was signed in the Sala Musicámara of the Dirección de Extensión y Comunicaciones of the UV, presided by the Rector, Aldo Valle, together with the Director for the Max Planck Institut for Astronomy, Dr. Thomas Henning. Present at the event also were the Dean for the Facultad de Ciencias, Dr. Juan Kuznar, the Director (s) for the IFA and Director to the PhD Program in Astrophysics, Dr. Matthias Schreiber, the Secretary General for the UV, Osvaldo Corrales, as well as academics, investigators, postdocs, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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