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Radostin Kurtev

PhD: Sofía University, Bulgaria (2000)
Research Area: stellar formation, stellar clusters, Milky Way galaxy, infrared astronomy, very low mass stars, brown dwarfs, cool atmospheres
Publications: ADS(full) - ADS (refereed)
: (+56 32) 250 8303
email: radostin.kurtev at

About my research: My principal research is focused on the study of resolved stellar populations and young stellar clusters in the Milky Way galaxy, stellar formation and variability. My recent research focuses on the properties of the lowest mass stars and coldest brown dwarfs. I am particularly interested in characterizing and understanding the cool atmospheres as well as searching for multiple systems and monitoring BD variability in order to understand atmospheric dynamics–essentially weather.

Teaching: General astronomy – undergraduate, Advanced stellar astrophysics - graduate

See my research in: Substellar Objects - Planet and Star Formation - Clusters and Associations - Field Population - Variability


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