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y Centro de Astrofísica de Valparaíso

Dr.rer.nat: Universidad de Rühr, Bochum, Alemania (1969)
Research Area: variable stars, cataclysmic binaries, classical novae, dwarf novae, post-common envelope binaries (PCEBs), Mira stars, long-term stellar variability with low amplitude; young low-mass binaries or multiple systems.
Publications: ADS
: (+56 32) 299 5552
email:  nikolaus.vogt at

About my research: In collaboration with Claus Tappert and an international workgroup I am carrying out a project for recovering classical Novae,  more than 30 years after their eruption, by using spectroscopy and photometry on the remnants, determining orbital periods and other essential parameters to better understand the relation between Novae and other subclasses of cataclysmic variables.  I am also leading another international project that analyzes observations of the cataclysmic binary TT Ari, obtained with the Canadian Space Telescope MOST in 2007 and 2012. Together with our students I am obtaining and analyzing our own observations of post-common envelope binaries (PCEBs) and other types of variable stars. In addition, we are utilizing the ASAS data-base in order to investigate properties of pulsating Mira stars, as well as the behavior of long-term variables with low amplitude.  -  In collaboration with astronomers of the Universities of Jena and Hamburg, Germany, I am carrying out research on young stars of low mass. This project is based on observations made with the NACO instrument of Paranal Observatory (ESO) which allows infrared photometry, high-angular resolution, and precise astrometry of stars in star forming regions and their companions and their stellar and substellar companions (brown dwarfs and planets).

Teaching: Introductory course in astronomy, optional courses (astrobiology, variable stars); undergraduate seminars and dirección of thesis in Master program of Astrophysics.

See my research in: Cataclysmic Variables and Novas - Substellar Objects - Planet and Star Formation - Variability

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