Instituto de Física y Astronomía

y Centro de Astrofísica de Valparaíso

The members of the Instituto de Física y Astronomía undertake cutting edge research in the Centro de  Astrofísica de Valparaíso (CAV) developing research projects in many key areas of astrophysics, ranging from planet formation to theoretical cosmology, including astrostatistics and the virtual observatory. The research programs include  astronomical observations by use of the excellent telescopes in the north of our country, Chile, as well as extense computational modelling of astrophysical phenomena. 

The research undertaken by the Centro de Astrofísica de Valparaíso at the Universidad de Valparaíso covers the following fundamental areas:

Astrofísica Estelar Astrofisica Galactica Astrofisica Extragalactica
Stellar Astrophysics Galactic Astrophysics Extragalactic Astrophysics
 Astrostatistics  Astrometeorology Fisica Teorica
Astrostatistics Astrometeorology Theoretical Physics

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